Invaders from space provide a super fun problem-solving challenge for 'astro-nuts' of all ages. LED lighting in the corner moulds adds interplanetary atmospherics as you climb to avoid the nasty aliens and reach the smiley face at the top. Pac Man meets climbing!


Breathtaking in both visual appeal and climbing challenge. A sensational challenge featuring nine giant spheres that appear to be delicately balanced on top of each other. Top that!

Big Cheese

This one's not for Mice! A colourful wall of different routes to steadily weave your way to the top. A great climb for beginners or younger children but if you fancy a major challenge then go yellow which requires great flexibility and problem solving abilities.


Light up the board on this challenge. Bright colourful LED lights reflect brilliantly off the metallic checkerplate surface to create a visually stimulating challenge with plenty of options on a unique terrain.

Circuit Breaker

Climbing meets lighting effect on this fantastic circuit board. From the gently pulsing connection lines to the flickering hi-voltage handholds you can choose your circuit to the top - will you follow the round flashing holds or the solid square ones?

Cloud 9

Feel like you're floating on air. Achieve a sense of excitement and euphoria when you complete this climbing challenge through a visually whimsical interpretation of a scattering bright fluffy clouds with a unique circular hold.

Dome Chimney

Can you bridge to the top? This climb requires a different technique to the others. Bridging feet on holds on opposite sides, pushing down with the arms and using the legs to drive upwards. It requires application of opposite pressure on the walls and truly is a full body workout!

Dry Ice

Do you dream of climbing glaciers or ice clad mountain tops? Place your ‘axe’ in the top of each hold, which doubles as a foothold, as you ‘ice climb’ your way steadily to the summit. Great fun for budding mountaineers out there.

Face to Face

Race to the top, face to face with your friends or opponents. This double-sided window-wall provides heaps of options for interactive fun with climbers on both sides. Watch and match your friend’s movements.


Hexed...a new word in our lexicon! A hexagonal honeycomb of shapes to entice even the youngest climbers, Hex is Big Cheese with angles! There are plenty of routes to the top, with different coloured hexes making for a range of challenging climbs, each harder than the other.

Leap Of Faith

An adrenaline pumping challenge for anyone - can you take the leap? Scale the large pole to a high point in the arena then walk the plank before leaping out into space to catch a Trapeze. Requires courage and the support and encouragement of others.


You’ll have to move quickly to beat this challenge. The interactive discs rotate to the left and right as you climb, leaving little time for thinking or resting on your way to the top. Can you beat the discs?


Pixetron is the new Diamonds! Brightly coloured pixels are arranged in a fantastic and bright pattern that's a real head turner (and great for photo ops too!). Figure out how best to grip the round holds and which shapes to make as you climb your way to the top following the pixels as you go!

Red Square

Plan your route carefully to the top. Climbing is all about problem solving and the solution is not immediately clear with this challenge. All the hold 'fronts' are the same and it is only by careful inspection that the various routes to the top are revealed.


Become Alain 'The Human Spiderman' Robert and scale this giant building. An excellent first climb for younger climbers going straight up the middle as if climbing a ladder. Challenging for fit and flexible adults working their way to the top using the under-cling handholds.

Spaghetti Junction

Snake your way round the junctions to reach the top. Short ropes and organic foothold shapes with shallow edges make this an exciting climb requiring balance and strength. Rope-end handholds provide a positive grip. Try to stick to one colour rope for a challenge, or just use them all!

Speed Climb

Speed climb is the climb to beat. Race against the clock to see how fast you can climb or race your friends - who climbs fastest? Hugely popular with all ages and groups….

Stairway to Heaven

Walk your way up the amazing stairway to the top – steady balance and careful footwork are required as well as a head for heights! For the truly brave; look no hands! Or how about hopping up the stairs?


This distinctly industrial element is a multi-sided challenge. On the back wall you must grapple your way to the top using the red bars, on the side walls shimmy up, bridging between the two walls like a true Ninja Warrior!

The Crag

Scale our mini-Haytor. This is your chance to tackle a natural looking rockface. This rock wall provides plenty of challenges as the climber works up to the overhang finale at the top. You’ll need to choose your route carefully as some holds are much easier to grip than others!

Tree Climb

Jungle Gym gives way to Tree Climbing. For little monkeys (and grown ups too) there is nothing quite like climbing a tree - so why not have a go at our very own Clip n Climb tree trunk climb?


Wind your way up the vine. A super interesting organic looking wall with large three dimensional holds and micro features which you can climb and grip in many different ways depending on your size.


Remember the game of childhood? Well we've got a new take on twister that will have you twisting and turning your way to the top on a visually stunning climb that weaves up through a series of coloured steps - choose the undercut holds or the jugs on the other side of the climb.

Zigg Zagg

Play your own game of snakes and ladders on our Zigg Zagg wall. Traversing from side to side to reach the safety of the ladders, can you weave your way to the top?! Lots of different types of handholds and techniques are involved to shuffle along the sloped rails.